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Filter Kit, FK-YM7

Filter Kit, FK-YM7

  • Product Code : FK-YM7
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  • $40.00

Filter Kit, FK-YM7

This filter kit contains engine oil filter, fuel filter, o-ring to seal fuel bowl, and air filter.  The air filter is 7.25" long, 3.25" outside diameter with removable fins.  The fuel filter is 2.71" tall  and 1.4" outside diameter.

Replaces OEM No. 124064-12510, 121465-12510, 124066-12510, 171022-12530, CH15451, 104500-55710, 119660-35150, 124450-35100, 129150-35150

Fits tractor models: Yanmar (TWO STYLES: YM135, YM135D, YM155, YM155D - with precleaner), YM1301, YM1301D, YM1401, YM1401D, YM1502, YM1502D, YM1510, YM1510D, YM1601, YM1601D, YM1610, YM1610D, YM1602, YM1602D, YM1702, YM1702D, YM1720, YM1720D, F13, F14, F14D, F15, F15D, F16, F16D, FH16, YM140, YM140D, YM146, YM146D, YM147, YM147D, YM165, YM165D, YM169, YM169D,  John Deere 650, 655, 750, 755

NOTE: IF YOU HAVE A YM135, YM135D, YM155, YM155D - this is for the style with precleaner.  If you have this model without a precleaner, do not order this filter kit.

Make Model Engine
John Deere 650 2T80U-J
John Deere 655 3TN66U-J
John Deere 750 3T80U-J
John Deere 755 3TNA72U-J
Yanmar F13 3T70B-NK
Yanmar F13D 3T70B-NK
Yanmar F14 3T70B-N
Yanmar F145
Yanmar F145D
Yanmar F14D 3T70B-N
Yanmar F15 3T72H-N
Yanmar F15D 3T72H-N
Yanmar F16 3T75U-NC
Yanmar F16D 3T75U-NC
Yanmar F17 3TN75U-A/AP
Yanmar F17D 3TN75U-A/AP
Yanmar FX16
Yanmar FX16D
Yanmar YM135 2T73A
Yanmar YM135D 2T73A
Yanmar YM140 2T75UA
Yanmar YM1401 3T72-SB
Yanmar YM1401D 3T72-SB
Yanmar YM140D 2T75UA
Yanmar YM146
Yanmar YM146D
Yanmar YM147 2T75UA
Yanmar YM147D 2T75UA
Yanmar YM1502 3T72SA-B
Yanmar YM1502D 3T72SA-B
Yanmar YM1510 3T72SA
Yanmar YM1510D 3T72SA
Yanmar YM155 2TR13A
Yanmar YM155D 2TR13A
Yanmar YM1601 3T75U
Yanmar YM1601D 3T7U
Yanmar YM1602 3T75U
Yanmar YM1602D 3T75U
Yanmar YM1610 3T75U
Yanmar YM1610D 3T75U
Yanmar YM165 2TR13A
Yanmar YM165D 2TR13A
Yanmar YM169 3T72HA-A
Yanmar YM169D 3T72HA-A
Yanmar YM1702 3T75U-NA
Yanmar YM1702D 3T75U-NA
Yanmar YM1720 3T75U-NA
Yanmar YM1720D 3T75U-NA

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