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Air Filter, AF-YM4

Air Filter, AF-YM4

  • Product Code : AF-YM4
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  • $30.00

Air Filter, AF-YM4

This air filter is 4" diameter x 7.5" long with plastic fins. Fins are removable if your canister does not take fin style.

Replaces OEM No. 129350-12900, 124764-12510, 124756-12510

Fits tractor models: Yanmar YM2001, YM2001D, YM2010, YM2010D, YM2020, YM2020D, YM2202, YM2202D, YM2210, YM2210B, YM2210D, YM2220, YM2220D, YM2301, YM2301D, YM2310, YM2310D, YM2402, YM2402D, YM2420, YM2420D, (YM240, YM240D has two styles)

NOTE: IF YOU HAVE A YM240, YM240D - measure before ordering - two styles!

Make Model Engine
Yanmar YM2001 3T82B
Yanmar YM2001D 3T82B
Yanmar YM2010 3T82B
Yanmar YM2010D 3T82B
Yanmar YM2020 3T82B-N
Yanmar YM2020D 3T82B-N
Yanmar YM2202 3T84H-NB
Yanmar YM2202D 3T84H-NB
Yanmar YM2210 2T90
Yanmar YM2210B 2T90
Yanmar YM2210BD 2T90
Yanmar YM2210D 2T90
Yanmar YM2220 3T84H-NB
Yanmar YM2220D 3T84H-NB
Yanmar YM2301 3T84H-S
Yanmar YM2301D 3T84H-S
Yanmar YM2310 3T84H-S
Yanmar YM2310D 3T84H-S
Yanmar YM240 2TR20A
Yanmar YM2402 3T84H-NA
Yanmar YM2402D 3T84H-NA
Yanmar YM240D 2TR20A
Yanmar YM2420 3T84H-NA
Yanmar YM2420D 3T84H-NA

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