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Air Filter, AF-YM2

Air Filter, AF-YM2

  • Product Code : AF-YM2
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  • $25.00

Air Filter, AF-YM2

This air filter is 4" diameter x 10" long with plastic fins.

Replaces OEM No.121256-12510, 121253-12510, 121120-12901, 129150-12510, CH12767

Fits tractor models: Yanmar YM2610, YM2610D, YM2620, YM2620D, YM2820, YM2820D, YM3110, YM3110D, YM3810, YM3810D, F18, F18D, F20, F20D, F22, F22D, F24, F24D, F26, F28, F195, F215, FX215, F265, FX18, FX18D, FX20, FX20D, FX22, FX22D, FX24, FX24D, FX26, FX26D, FX28, FX28D, FX32, FX32D, FX42, FX42D, FX165, F235, FX235, FX285, F265, FX305, FX305D, FX335, FX335D, FX28EX, F255, F255D, FX255, FX255D, F235, FX235, YM276, YM276D, YM330, YM330D, YM336, YM336D, John Deere 850, John Deere 950, 1050

Make Model Engine
John Deere 1050 3T90T-J
John Deere 950 3T90-J
Yanmar F18 3TNB80-U
Yanmar F18D 3TNB80-U
Yanmar F195
Yanmar F195D
Yanmar F20 3TN82-U
Yanmar F20D 3TN82-U
Yanmar F215
Yanmar F215D
Yanmar F22 3TNB84U-B
Yanmar F22D 3TNB84U- B
Yanmar F235 3TNB4-RB
Yanmar F235D 3TNB84-RB
Yanmar F24 3TN84U-A
Yanmar F24D 3TN84U-A
Yanmar F255 3TNB84-RA
Yanmar F255D
Yanmar F265
Yanmar F265D
Yanmar FX18 3TNB80-U
Yanmar FX18D 3TNB80-U
Yanmar FX195
Yanmar FX195D
Yanmar FX20 3TN82-U
Yanmar FX20D 3TN82-U
Yanmar FX215
Yanmar FX215D
Yanmar FX22 3TNB84U-B
Yanmar FX22D 3TNB84U-B
Yanmar FX235 3TNB84-RB
Yanmar FX235D 3TNB84-RB
Yanmar FX24 3TN84U-A
Yanmar FX24D 3TN84U-A
Yanmar FX26 4TNA78U-M
Yanmar FX265
Yanmar FX26D 4TNA78U-M
Yanmar FX28 4TNA78U-N
Yanmar FX285 4TNA78-RB
Yanmar FX285D 4TNA78-RB
Yanmar FX28D 4TNA78U-N
Yanmar FX305 4TNA78-RA
Yanmar FX305D 4TNA78-RA
Yanmar FX32 4TNA78U-P
Yanmar FX32D 4TNA78U-P
Yanmar FX335
Yanmar FX335D
Yanmar FX42 4TNA78T-Q
Yanmar FX42D 4TNA78T-Q
Yanmar YM2610 3T80-D
Yanmar YM2610D 3T80-D
Yanmar YM2620 3T84-NC
Yanmar YM2620D 3T84-NC
Yanmar YM276 3T84HA
Yanmar YM276D 3T84HA
Yanmar YM2820 3T84-NB
Yanmar YM2820D 3T84-NB
Yanmar YM3110 3T84-D
Yanmar YM3110D 3T84-D
Yanmar YM336 3TN84A-N
Yanmar YM336D 3TN84A-N
Yanmar YM3810 3T84T
Yanmar YM3810D 3T84T

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