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Hydraulic Screen Filter, HS-YM194430

Hydraulic Screen Filter, HS-YM194430

  • Product Code : HS-YM194430
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  • $90.00

Hydraulic Screen Filter, HS-YM194430

Replaces OEM No. 194430-24930

Fits tractor models: Yanmar F16, F16D, YM180, YM180D, YM187, YM187D, YM220, YM220D, YM226, YM226D, YM250, YM250D, YM1502, YM1502D, YM1602, YM1602D, YM1702, YM1702D, YM1720, YM1720D, YMG1800, YMG1800D, YM1802, YM1802D, YM1810, YM1810D, YM1820, YM1820D, YMG2000, YMG2000D, YM2002, YM2002D (all also have spin-on filter)

NOTE: This is a hydraulic screen filter.  Most models also had hydraulic spin-on filter.

Make Model Engine
Yanmar F16 3T75U-NC
Yanmar F16D 3T75U-NC
Yanmar YM1502 3T72SA-B
Yanmar YM1502D 3T72SA-B
Yanmar YM1602 3T75U
Yanmar YM1602D 3T75U
Yanmar YM1702 3T75U-NA
Yanmar YM1702D 3T75U-NA
Yanmar YM1720 3T75U-NA
Yanmar YM1720D 3T75U-NA
Yanmar YM180 3T72HA-N
Yanmar YM1802 3T80U-NB
Yanmar YM1802D 3T80U-NB
Yanmar YM180D 3T72HA-N
Yanmar YM1820 3T80U-NB
Yanmar YM1820D 3T80U-NB
Yanmar YM187 3T72HA-N
Yanmar YM187D 3T72HA-N
Yanmar YM2002 3T80U-NB
Yanmar YM2002D 3T80U-NB
Yanmar YM220 3T75HA
Yanmar YM220D 3T75HA
Yanmar YM226 3T75HA
Yanmar YM226D 3T75HA
Yanmar YM250 3T75HA-M
Yanmar YM250D 3T75HA-M
Yanmar YMG1800 3T80U
Yanmar YMG1800D 3T80U
Yanmar YMG2000 3T80U-SA
Yanmar YMG2000D 3T80U-SA

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