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Alternator - ALT-K15321

Alternator - ALT-K15321

Alternator - ALT-K15321

  • Product Code : ALT-K15321
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  • $149.00
  • $129.00

Kubota alternator, 3 prong plug-in

Replaces OEM No. 15321-64010, 15321-64011, 15321-64012, 15411-64010, 15471-64010, 15606-64010, 15253-64010, 15211-64011

Fits Kubota L200, L210, L175, L185, L225, L235, L245, L245H, L275, L285, L295, L305, L355, L345, L2050, L2350, L1501, L1511, L1801, L2201, L2200, L2600, L1802, L2002, L2202, L2402, L235, L275, L345, L2601, L3001, B6200D, KH151, L2850DT, some L2000, some L1500, Zen-Noh ZL1501, ZL1801, ZL2201

NOTE:  If you have a Kubota L1500, L2000, Zen-Noh ZL1500, ZL2000 please check your plug-in.  It can be 3 or 4 prong.  This is a 3 prong.  If you have 4 prongs, order ALT-K15221


Make Model Engine
Kubota L1500 Z750
Kubota L1500DT Z750
Kubota L1501 Z751
Kubota L1501DT Z751
Kubota L1511 Z751
Kubota L1511DT Z751
Kubota L175 Z750
Kubota L1801 Z851
Kubota L1801DT Z851
Kubota L1802 D1102
Kubota L1802DT D1102
Kubota L185 Z751A
Kubota L185DT Z751A
Kubota L200 Z1100A
Kubota L2000 D1100
Kubota L2000DT D1100
Kubota L2002 D1302
Kubota L2002DT D1302
Kubota L2050F D1102-AE
Kubota L210 Z1100A
Kubota L2200 DH1100
Kubota L2200DT DH1100
Kubota L2201 DH1101 A
Kubota L2201DT DH1101A
Kubota L2202 D1402-L
Kubota L2202DT D1402-L
Kubota L225 D1100A
Kubota L225DT D1100A
Kubota L235DT D1102A
Kubota L235F D1102A
Kubota L2402 D1402
Kubota L2402DT D1402
Kubota L245 DH1101A
Kubota L245DT DH1101A
Kubota L245HC DH1101A
Kubota L2600 (gray) V1500
Kubota L2600DT (gray) V1500
Kubota L2600DT (usa) D1403-AE
Kubota L2600F (usa) D1403-AE
Kubota L2601 D1301
Kubota L2601DT D1301
Kubota L275 D1302A
Kubota L285 V1501A
Kubota L285DT V1501A
Kubota L295DT D1301A
Kubota L295F D1301A
Kubota L3001 V1501
Kubota L3001DT V1501
Kubota L305 D1301A
Kubota L345 V1501A
Kubota L345DT V1501A
Kubota L355SS V1702A
Zen-Noh ZL1500 Z750
Zen-Noh ZL1500DT Z750
Zen-Noh ZL1501 Z751
Zen-Noh ZL1501DT Z751
Zen-Noh ZL1801 Z851
Zen-Noh ZL1801DT Z851
Zen-Noh ZL2000 D1100
Zen-Noh ZL2000DT D1100
Zen-Noh ZL2201 DH1101A
Zen-Noh ZL2201DT DH1101A
Zen-Noh ZL3001 V1501
Zen-Noh ZL3001DT V1501

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