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Front Rim, 4WD - FW-8351

Front Rim, 4WD - FW-8351

  • Product Code : FW-8351
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  • $123.26
  • $119.00

Front Rim, 4WD

Replaces OEM No. CH19748, 198351-14700, 194311-14700-Q, FW-8351

Fits: Yanmar,  220D, 226D, 240D, 250D, 276D, 1802D, 1810D, 2000D, 2002D, 2010D, 2020D, 2200, 2202D, 2210D, 2220D, 2310D, 2402D, 2420D,

Front Rim, four wheel drive, 5 x 14 front (6 bolt)

Note: Tire and tube sold separately

Make Model Engine
John Deere 850 3T80-J
Yanmar YM1802D 3T80U-NB
Yanmar YM1810D 3T75H
Yanmar YM2000D 2TR20
Yanmar YM2000DA 2TR20A
Yanmar YM2002D 3T80U-NB
Yanmar YM2010D 3T82B
Yanmar YM2020D 3T82B-N
Yanmar YM2200D 2TR22
Yanmar YM2202D 3T84H-NB
Yanmar YM220D 3T75HA
Yanmar YM2210BD 2T90
Yanmar YM2210D 2T90
Yanmar YM2220D 3T84H-NB
Yanmar YM226D 3T75HA
Yanmar YM2310D 3T84H-S
Yanmar YM2402D 3T84H-NA
Yanmar YM240D 2TR20A
Yanmar YM2420D 3T84H-NA
Yanmar YM250D 3T75HA-M
Yanmar YM276D 3T84HA

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