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Muffler Assembly - MA-KE130

Muffler Assembly - MA-KE130

  • Product Code : MA-KE130
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  • $165.00

Mitsubishi Muffler Assembly, MA-KE130

Replaces OEM No.

Fits D2000II-KE130, D1800-KE95, D1600-KE85, D1500-KE85, D1500II-KE80, ST2000-KE130, D2300-KE130, D2500II-KE135

3 bolt hole flange,  muffler with gasket and weather cap

Make Model Engine
Mitsubishi D1500 KE85
Mitsubishi D1500FD KE85
Mitsubishi D1500II KE80
Mitsubishi D1500IIFD KE80
Mitsubishi D1600 KE85
Mitsubishi D1600FD KE85
Mitsubishi D1800 KE95
Mitsubishi D1800FD KE95
Mitsubishi D1800II KE95
Mitsubishi D1800IIFD KE95
Mitsubishi D2000II KE130
Mitsubishi D2000IIFD KE130
Mitsubishi D2300 2DR5
Mitsubishi D2300 KE130
Mitsubishi D2300FD KE130
Mitsubishi D2500 KE135
Mitsubishi D2500FD KE135
Mitsubishi MT630 KE130
Mitsubishi MT630D KE130
Satoh S630 KE130
Satoh S630D KE130
Satoh ST1500 KE85
Satoh ST1500D KE85
Satoh ST1600 KE85
Satoh ST1600D KE85
Satoh ST1800 KE95
Satoh ST1800D KE95
Satoh ST2000 KE130
Satoh ST2000D KE130
Satoh ST2001 KE130
Satoh ST2001D KE130
Satoh ST2300 KE130
Satoh ST2300D KE130
Satoh ST2501 KE135
Satoh ST2501D KE135

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