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Exhaust Manifold, EM-H2201

Exhaust Manifold,  EM-H2201

Exhaust Manifold, EM-H2201

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Hinomoto Exhaust Manifold,  EM-H2201

Replaces OEM No. 2201-101-00, 5701-1610-00-0, 3436553M91, 72098614

Fits: Hinomoto E16, E18, E21, E23, E25, E28, E2602, E2604, E262, E264, E2802, E2804, Massey Ferguson MF205, MF210, MF220,  MF1040, Allis Chalmers AC5020, 5030, 6140

Bolt holes are at an angle.  There is also a second style where bolt holes are straight up and down.  This is only for the angled hole style.  Please check your old manifold before ordering.


Make Model Engine
Allis Chalmers 5020 S126
Allis Chalmers 5030 S148
Allis Chalmers 6140 3S233A
Hinomoto E16 S100
Hinomoto E18 S107
Hinomoto E18 (2 STYLES) S111
Hinomoto E180 S107
Hinomoto E180D S107
Hinomoto E182 S107
Hinomoto E184 S107
Hinomoto E18D S107
Hinomoto E18D (2 STYLES) S111
Hinomoto E21 S125
Hinomoto E23 (2 BORES) P126 (MF210)
Hinomoto E23 (2 BORES) S126 (AC5020)
Hinomoto E230 P126/S126
Hinomoto E232 P126
Hinomoto E25 S135
Hinomoto E25D S135
Hinomoto E2604 (PS)(PS1) S139
Hinomoto E262 S139
Hinomoto E264 S139
Hinomoto E28 (2 BORES) S148 (100MM)
Hinomoto E28 (2 BORES) S148 (MF220) 97MM
Hinomoto E280 S148
Hinomoto E2802 (MS) 3S150
Hinomoto E2804 (PS) 3S150
Massey Ferguson 1035 MS150
Massey Ferguson 1040 3S150
Massey Ferguson 205 S107
Massey Ferguson 210 P126
Massey Ferguson 220 S148

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