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Muffler, MA-YM00

Muffler, MA-YM00

  • Product Code : MA-YM00
  • Availability : In Stock
  • $89.00

Muffler with elbow, mounting flange and pipe, MA-YM00

Replaces OEM number 721250-13700

Fits tractor models: Yanmar YM195, YM240, YM330, YM336, YM1300, YM1401, YM1500, YM1600, YM1700, YM1802, YM1900, YM2000, YM2001, YM2002, YM2202, YM2210, YM2220, YM2301, YM2310, YM2402, YM2420, YM3000, YM3110, YM3220, YM3810, YM4220, YM4500

Make Model Engine
Yanmar YM1600 2TR16
Yanmar YM1700A 2TR17
Yanmar YM1700AD 2TR17A
Yanmar YM1900 2TR19
Yanmar YM195 2T84A
Yanmar YM195D 2T84A
Yanmar YM2000A 2TR20
Yanmar YM2000AD 2TR20A
Yanmar YM2000B 2TR20A-A
Yanmar YM2210B 2T90
Yanmar YM2210BD 2T90
Yanmar YM240 2TR20A-X
Yanmar YM240D 2TR20A-X
Yanmar YM3000 3T84
Yanmar YM3110 3T84-D
Yanmar YM3110D 3T84-D
Yanmar YM3220 3T84-NA
Yanmar YM3220D 3T84-NA
Yanmar YM330 3T84A, 3T84A-LP, 3T84A-LPP
Yanmar YM330D 3T84A, 3T84A-LP, 3T84A-LPP
Yanmar YM336 3TN84A-N, 3TN84A-NF
Yanmar YM336D 3TN84A-N, 3TN84A-NF
Yanmar YM3810 3T84T
Yanmar YM3810D 3T84T
Yanmar YM4220 3T84T-N
Yanmar YM4220D 3T84T-N
Yanmar YM4500 4T90

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