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Gasket Set, GS-2TR20

Gasket Set, GS-2TR20

  • Product Code : GS-2TR20
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  • $170.00

Gasket Set, GS-2TR20

Includes head gasket, valve cover gasket, exhaust gasket, valve stem seals, water pump gasket, back plate gasket, gasket on back of head, oil pan gasket, timing cover gasket, front and rear seals, main bearing housing gasket

Fits tractor models: Yanmar YM1900, YM2000 Green, 2TR19, 2TR20

If you have a YM2000 please check your bore before ordering.  There are two styles - YM2000 with 2TR20 engine (88mm bore) and YM2000A with 2TR20A engine (90mm bore)

Make Model Engine
Yanmar YM1900 2TR19
Yanmar YM1900D 2TR19
Yanmar YM2000 2TR20
Yanmar YM2000D 2TR20

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