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Steering Box, SBA-YM2000

Steering Box, SBA-YM2000

Steering Box, SBA-YM2000

  • Product Code : SBA-YM2000
  • Availability : In Stock
  • $495.00
  • $435.00

Yanmar new steering box assembly

Fits YM1500, YM1600, YM1700, YM2000, YM2000A, YM240, YM2200

Includes lower housing (box), vertical shaft with ball nut, sector shaft, column tube, bearings, seals, bushings.

Completely assembled

Make Model Engine
Yanmar YM1500 2TR15
Yanmar YM1500D 2TR15
Yanmar YM1600 2TR16
Yanmar YM1600D 2TR16
Yanmar YM1700 2TR17
Yanmar YM1700A 2TR17A
Yanmar YM1700D 2TR17
Yanmar YM1700DA 2TR17A
Yanmar YM1900 2TR19
Yanmar YM2000 2TR20
Yanmar YM2000A 2TR20A
Yanmar YM2000D 2TR20A
Yanmar YM2000DA 2TR20A
Yanmar YM2200 2TR22
Yanmar YM2200D 2TR22
Yanmar YM240 2TR20A
Yanmar YM240D 2TR20A

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