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Steering Bearing - SB-MT1174

Steering Bearing - SB-MT1174

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Steering Bearing - two piece set includes race and bearing

Replaces OEM No. 67453-00112, 1174-2201-130, 1007-2103-000

The Mitsubishi steering boxes use two of these bearings.  They go on the steering shaft above the worm gear and in the bottom of the steering box. 

NOTE: For manual steering boxes only.  NOT for power steering.

Make Model Engine
Case 1120 K3E
Case 1130 K3G
Case-IH 234 K3B
Case-IH 235 K3B
Case-IH 244 K3D
Case-IH 245 K3D
Case-IH 254 K3E
Case-IH 255 K3E
Eurotrac VST180D K3C
Mitsubishi D1500 KE85
Mitsubishi D1500FD KE85
Mitsubishi D1500II KE80
Mitsubishi D1500IIFD KE80
Mitsubishi D1500V KE75
Mitsubishi D1500VFD KE75
Mitsubishi D1600 KE85
Mitsubishi D1600FD KE85
Mitsubishi D1650 K4A
Mitsubishi D1800 KE95
Mitsubishi D1800FD KE95
Mitsubishi D1800II KE95
Mitsubishi D1800IIFD KE95
Mitsubishi D1850 K4A
Mitsubishi D1850FD K4A
Mitsubishi D2000 2DR5
Mitsubishi D2000FD 2DR5
Mitsubishi D2000II KE130
Mitsubishi D2000IIFD KE130
Mitsubishi D2050 K4C
Mitsubishi D2050FD K4C
Mitsubishi D2300 2DR5
Mitsubishi D2300 KE130
Mitsubishi D2300FD 2DR5
Mitsubishi D2300FD KE130
Mitsubishi D2350 K4C
Mitsubishi D2350FD K4C
Mitsubishi D2500 KE135
Mitsubishi D2500FD KE135
Mitsubishi D2600 KE140
Mitsubishi D2600FD KE140
Mitsubishi D2650 KE140
Mitsubishi D2650FD KE140
Mitsubishi D3000 4DQ30C
Mitsubishi D3000FD 4DQ30C
Mitsubishi D3000II 4DQ30C
Mitsubishi D3000IIFD 4DQ30C
Mitsubishi D3200 4DQ30C
Mitsubishi D3200FD 4DQ30C
Mitsubishi D3250 4DQ30C
Mitsubishi D3250FD 4DQ30C
Mitsubishi D3850 4DQ3T
Mitsubishi D3850FD 4DQ3T
Mitsubishi D4000 4DQ50C
Mitsubishi D4000FD 4DQ50C
Mitsubishi D4050
Mitsubishi D4050FD
Mitsubishi MT160 K3A
Mitsubishi MT160D K3A
Mitsubishi MT180 K3C
Mitsubishi MT1801 K4B
Mitsubishi MT1801D K4B
Mitsubishi MT180D K3C
Mitsubishi MT2001 K4D
Mitsubishi MT2001D K4D
Mitsubishi MT210 K3D
Mitsubishi MT210D K3D
Mitsubishi MT2201 K4D
Mitsubishi MT2201D K4D
Mitsubishi MT250 K3H
Mitsubishi MT2501 K4E
Mitsubishi MT2501D K4E
Mitsubishi MT250D K3H
Mitsubishi MT280 K3H
Mitsubishi MT280D K3H
Mitsubishi MT300 K3M
Mitsubishi MT300D K3M
Mitsubishi MT373 K3A
Mitsubishi MT373D K3A
Mitsubishi MT470 K3B
Mitsubishi MT470D K3B
Mitsubishi MT630 KE130
Mitsubishi MT630D KE130
Mitsubishi MT750 3AB1
Mitsubishi MT750D 3AB1
Mitsubishi MTE2000 K3F
Mitsubishi MTE2000D K3F
Satoh S373 K3A
Satoh S373D K3A
Satoh S470 K3B
Satoh S470D K3B
Satoh S630 KE130
Satoh S630D KE130
Satoh S750 Stallion 3AB1
Satoh S750D Stallion 3AB1
Satoh ST1500 KE85
Satoh ST1500D KE85
Satoh ST1510 KE75
Satoh ST1510D KE75
Satoh ST1600 KE85
Satoh ST1600D KE85
Satoh ST1620 K4A
Satoh ST1640 K4A
Satoh ST1800 KE95
Satoh ST1800D KE95
Satoh ST1820 K4A
Satoh ST1840 K4A
Satoh ST2000 KE130
Satoh ST2000D KE130
Satoh ST2001 KE130
Satoh ST2001D KE130
Satoh ST2020 K4C
Satoh ST2300 KE130
Satoh ST2300D KE130
Satoh ST2320 K4C
Satoh ST2340 K4C
Satoh ST2501 KE135
Satoh ST2501D KE135
Satoh ST2600 KE140
Satoh ST2600FD KE140
Satoh ST2620 KE140
Satoh ST2640 KE140
Satoh ST3000 4DQ30C
Satoh ST3000FD 4DQ30C
Satoh ST3220 4DQ30C
Satoh ST3240 4DQ30C
Satoh ST3820 4DQ3T
Satoh ST3840 4DQ3T
Satoh ST4000 4DQ50C
Satoh ST4000D 4DQ50C
Satoh ST4020
Satoh ST4040

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