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Steering Bearing - SB-K34150

Steering Bearing - SB-K34150

  • Product Code : SB-K34150
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  • $16.00
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Steering Bearing - two piece set includes race and bearing

Replaces OEM No. 34150-1622-1, 34150-1622-0

There are two of these bearings used in the Kubota steering boxes.  This bearing goes on the steering shaft above the worm gear and in the bottom of the steering box.

Fits: L1500, L1500DT, L2000, L2000DT, L2200, L2200DT, L1501, L1501DT, L1801, L1801DT, L2201, L2201DT, L175, L225, L225DT, L245, L245DT

Make Model Engine
Kubota L1500 Z750
Kubota L1500DT Z750
Kubota L1501 Z751
Kubota L1501DT Z751
Kubota L175 Z750
Kubota L1801 Z851
Kubota L1801DT Z851
Kubota L2000 D1100
Kubota L2000DT D1100
Kubota L2201 DH1101 A
Kubota L2201DT DH1101A
Kubota L225 D1100A
Kubota L225DT D1100A
Kubota L245 DH1101A
Kubota L245DT DH1101A
Zen-Noh ZL1500 Z750
Zen-Noh ZL1500DT Z750
Zen-Noh ZL1501 Z751
Zen-Noh ZL1501DT Z751
Zen-Noh ZL1801 Z851
Zen-Noh ZL1801DT Z851
Zen-Noh ZL2000 D1100
Zen-Noh ZL2000DT D1100
Zen-Noh ZL2201 DH1101A
Zen-Noh ZL2201DT DH1101A

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