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4WD Top Bearing Set

4WD Top Bearing Set

4WD Top Bearing Set

  • Product Code : BRG-H3203
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  • $62.00

4WD Top Bearing and Oil Seal

Replaces OEM No. 3203-1791-01-0, 3281353M1, 72098759

Fits:  Hinomoto E14D,  E154, E184, E18D, E180D, E204, E224, E23D, E230D, C144, C174, E1804, E2004, E2304, Massey Ferguson  205, 210, 1010, 1020, 1030 (not L), 1035, Allis Chalmers 5015, 5020, 5030, 5215, 5220, 5230

Top 4WD bearing and oil seal (below steering arm)

Make Model Engine
Allis Chalmers 5015 Syncro-Shift CS100A
Allis Chalmers 5020 P126
Allis Chalmers 5030 S148
Allis Chalmers 5215 Syncro-Shift CS100A
Allis Chalmers 5220 Manual Trans MS142
Allis Chalmers 5230 MS150
Hinomoto C144 CS86
Hinomoto C174 CS100
Hinomoto E150D S88
Hinomoto E154 S100
Hinomoto E15D S100
Hinomoto E1804 CS112
Hinomoto E180D S107
Hinomoto E184 S107
Hinomoto E18D S107
Hinomoto E18D S111
Hinomoto E2004 MS135
Hinomoto E204 CS122
Hinomoto E224 CS122
Hinomoto E2304 MS142
Hinomoto E23D P126
Hinomoto E23D S126
Hinomoto E25D S135
Hinomoto E2604 S139
Massey Ferguson 1010 Hydro Trans CS86
Massey Ferguson 1010 Manual Trans CS86
Massey Ferguson 1020 Hydro Trans CS112
Massey Ferguson 1020 Manual Trans CS112
Massey Ferguson 1030 MS142
Massey Ferguson 1035 MS150
Massey Ferguson 205-4 S107
Massey Ferguson 210-4 P126

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