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Exhaust Valve - EV-9100

Exhaust Valve - EV-9100

  • Product Code : EV-9100
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  • $35.00

Exhaust Valve

Replaces OEM number 129100-11110 old number 129152-11110; EV-9100

Fits: F18, F18D, F20, FX20, F20D, FX20, F22, F22D, F24, F24D, FX24, FX24D, FX26, FX26D, FX28, FX28D F37D, FX32, FX42, F215, F215D,  FX215, F255, F255D, FX255, FX255D, FX285, FX305

Make Model Engine
Yanmar F18 3TNB80-U
Yanmar F18D 3TNB80-U
Yanmar F20 3TN82U
Yanmar F20D 3TN82U
Yanmar F215
Yanmar F215D
Yanmar F22 3TNB84U-B
Yanmar F22D 3TNB84U-B
Yanmar F24 3TN84U-A
Yanmar F24D 3TN84U-A
Yanmar F255
Yanmar F255D
Yanmar F37D 4TN82-R
Yanmar FX18 3TNB80-U
Yanmar FX20 3TN82U
Yanmar FX215
Yanmar FX215D
Yanmar FX22 3TNB84U-B
Yanmar FX24 3TN84U-A
Yanmar FX24D 3TN84U-A
Yanmar FX255 3TNB84-RA
Yanmar FX255D 3TNB84-RA
Yanmar FX26 4TNA78U-M
Yanmar FX26D 4TNA78U-M
Yanmar FX28 4TNA78U-N
Yanmar FX285 4TNA78-RB
Yanmar FX28D 4TNA78U-N
Yanmar FX305 4TNA78-RA
Yanmar FX335D 4TNA78-RN

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