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Engine Kit - EK-D1102

Engine Kit - EK-D1102

  • Product Code : EK-D1102
  • Availability : In Stock
  • $847.00

Engine Kit, Kubota, Zen-Noh, 76mm bore

Kit includes gasket set with front and rear seals, 3 standard size pistons and piston rings, 3 dry sleeves, 3 standard size rod bearings, 3 standard size main bearings, 1 standard size main bushing, 1 set of thrust washers

Replaces OEM No. 15221-2105-0, Piston Rings, 15221-2111-0 Pistons, 15221-0231-0 Sleeves, 15321-0331-1 head gasket, 15221-2231-0  Rod Bearings, 15221-2348-1 Main Bearings

Fits: Kubota and Zen-Noh D1102, D1102A, D1102AE, L1802, L1802DT, L235, L235DT, L2050F, L2050DT, ZL1802, ZL1802DT

NOTE: Kubota sleeves must be bored to fit piston.

Make Model Engine
Kubota L1802 D1102
Kubota L1802DT D1102
Kubota L2050DT D1102AE
Kubota L2050F D1102AE
Kubota L235 D1102A
Kubota L235DT D1102A
Zen-Noh ZL1802 D1102
Zen-Noh ZL1802DT D1102

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