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Cylinder Head - CH-Y390R

Cylinder Head - CH-Y390R

  • Product Code : CH-Y390R
  • Availability : Out Of Stock
  • $1,275.00

Rebuilt Loader Cylinder Head for Yanmar

Includes valves, springs, valve stem seals, guides, retainers. 

Fits: Yanmar YM3000, YM3110, YM3310, YM3810, YM3220,  YM4300, YM336, YM330

Price is $1075.00 plus $200.00 core charge.  The core charge will be refunded upon return of a rebuildable head complete with valves, springs etc.  Core charges may be refuned on cracked head only if they are deemed repairable by us.

Please note price does not include injectors or combustion chambers.

Make Model Engine
Yanmar YM3000 3T84
Yanmar YM3000D 3T84
Yanmar YM3110 3T84-D
Yanmar YM3110D 3T84-D
Yanmar YM3220 3T84-NA
Yanmar YM3220D 3T84-NA
Yanmar YM330 3T84A
Yanmar YM330D 3T84A
Yanmar YM3310 3T84-D
Yanmar YM3310D 3T84-D
Yanmar YM336 3TN84A-N
Yanmar YM336D 3TN84A-N
Yanmar YM3810 3T84T
Yanmar YM3810D 3T84T
Yanmar YM4300 3T90T
Yanmar YM4300D 3T90T

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